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More about PJ Zito

I spent ten years in Religious Life and became immersed in God's abundant love. Those years were a foundation for me to become a wife, step-mom, mother, grandmother, teacher, musician, composer, and published author as my life unfolded. John and I have been married over 40 years now and we have 4 adult children who have blessed us with 6 amazing grandchildren! 

After 27 years of teaching and 35 years of ministry in my church community, I felt drawn to publish a self-help, journal-type book. We all need a loving reminder and can use a practical guide to think about how to live our passion and purpose, to impact and transform each moment of our life before it passes by.  

My book is packed with 30 original songs, almost 40 original poems, many Scripture quotes, and pertinent 3rd party quotes. The book is personally structured so the reader becomes the writer through 40 days of self-help-journal work. Somewhat like the 40 days of Lent transformation!

The book title is:

Living in the Now: The Secret to Making Each Day Your Best 

40 Days to Deeper Prayer and Greater Self-Awareness

By Patricia Jean Smithyman-Zito

I am also making music videos of my songs on my YouTube channel so the reader can enjoy the songs within their daily journal work. For more detailed information, please click here to go to my website and click the tab songs to view!

The book was published in July of 2019 -The shortened write-up is: 

I help overwhelmed women take the steps needed to pay more attention to life right NOW!

By exploring the three different "Planes" we live in: 

1. The Physical Plane is our body - walking, talking, growing, and maturing on the earth.

2. The Mental Plane is how we've been programmed to think of events, the world, our place in varied settings, etc. and our ego's influence that creates our "pretend world" that we think is our life.

3. The Spiritual Plane is our true world of higher wisdom and grace where we are able to tap into our deepest desire and use our gifts to change the world.

You will easily dump overwhelm, grow in all three planes, and shift from a hectic life to a healthy and happy life by finding your center of peace. Using my books, songs, writings, prayer, and other transformational tools, we will accomplish moment-by-moment mastery by changing your core belief system to live fully in the now.

We wouldn't need bars on the windows or metal detectors at every door or more police to control riots if everyone understood how to be happy living in the now.

Available on Amazon - Living in the Now: The Secret to Making Each Day Your Best Patricia Jean Smithyman-Zito